What is WUWHS?

Founded in Australia in 2000, WUWHS is the premier wound care professional association and it represents more than 90% of all practicing wound care specialists in the world.

Our members are the wound care-related associations from every part of the world, more than 25.000 emailing contacts. The Association encourages a global approach to education, research and health care delivery to achieve optimal outcomes for patients with acute and chronic wounds.
The Association’s top priority is to raise and maintain the standard of the medical practice of wound care and improve its practice.

Main purposes of the Association are:

  1. to improve patient-centered care by encouraging global cooperation in wound healing clinical practice, education, research and delivery of wound care;
  2. to encourage research into all aspects of wound healing by developing global cooperation between wound healing societies, governments, health agencies, and industries;
  3. to enhance education in wound healing by developing policy, programs, and initiatives that can be used or adapted for use worldwide;
  4. to represent the scientific community of wound healing in commissions and in international health organizations;
  5. to improve the clinical practice, delivery of treatment and outcomes in wound treatment by developing global policy and protocol;