1. Your presentation will be available for all registered participants until end June 2022. 2. You are required to prepare a video recording presentation of no more than 10 minutes in length. 3. Your presentation is to be delivered in English. Note that no interpretation or closed-captioned translation will be provided. 4. You are required to send your final video recording by any means of electronic transfer before 1 st January 2022, 23:59 GST. For the recordings to be processed and checked by our technical provider, there is considerable urgency in preparing, finalizing and uploading your recording no later than the aforementioned deadline, but preferably before that, starting from now. 5. Please include your presentation title and your full name and designation on the first slide. 6. Please state potential conflicts of interest (COI) in your second slide 7. Please save your recording as follows: PRESENATATION TITLE_FIRST NAME_LAST NAME 8. Save it in MP4 format. 9. Upload the attachment into the transfer method you have available (WeTransfer, TransferLargeFiles, Hightail etc.)