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JWC is the official journal of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies, starting in 2015, growing and developing through the new tenure. JWC is the only monthly PubMed listed, subscription based wound care journal, with an impact factor of 2.0, for wound care internationally, read by doctors, nurses, surgeons, scientists, researchers podiatrists and academics. For WUWHS, JWC will issue the WUWHS Daily Newspaper for the event which will be published on each of the three days, providing exciting new editorial and JWC will be partnering with WUWHS to produce an awards evening which will celebrate excellence in practice and research internationally for the first time in UAE.

Wounds International and the WUWHS have produced 10 highly regarded and well referenced documents with many translations available. World Union documents are seminal publications, have longevity and influence practice. Wounds International enhanced the educational content provided by the congress. For WUWHS 2 out of 4 available Consensus documents have been already reserved,  2 out of 4 Position documents have been already reserved. Printed documents will be disseminated to all delegates.